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We're always here for you, so we've put together
a few of the most common questions we get
asked to try and help with our customers queries.

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These are some of our most frequently asked questions:

What are the Nutritional values for all your products?
The Nutritional Values for some of our products can now be found under the Product Information Page. Just select the product you are interested in.
Do you make celebration cakes ?
Unfortunately we no longer make celebration cakes.
Can we post products?
Unfortunately we are not able to offer a mail order service.
Do you make Gluten free bread or cakes?
No all our bread and cakes contain gluten.
Do you have allergen information?
Yes each of our shops has allergen information on all of our products. Allergen information for many of our products is now available on the website.
Do you take card payments?
All of our shops accept card payments including contactless and Apple pay.
How much do your small cakes cost?
We do not publish our prices but if you contact your local shop they will be happy to help. The telephone numbers for all our shops can be found in the 'Find A Store' page of our website
Do you use nuts in your Bakery?
Yes we do use nuts in our Bakery.
Do you sell to wholesale outlets?
No we only sell our products through our own retail shops.

If you have any further questions please contact us at

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