Gender Pay Gap Report 2017

Birds (Derby) Limited is absolutely committed to equality and values the skills and experience of our talented workforce. We have a culture of long service within the Company which certainly reflects that the Company is a good and fair place to work.

When viewing our gender pay analysis which was generated using 5 April 2017 data it is important to recognise that the Company does not pay men and women different rates of pay for doing the same or equal jobs.

It is certainly worth considering the following information when reviewing our data:

  • We employ 686 people and a high proportion of our 555 female workers are part-time working in our 59 successful retail outlets and therefore the volume of employees in the lower quartile (93.02% of which are women) skews our results. This is a norm for the sector.
  • As of last April 57 of our 59 shop managers were female
  • Our teams at the bakery have a clear and visible pay structure that is based solely on skills and capability.
  • The proportion of males on the lowest grade is higher than females -15 out of 19.
  • Of the 14 highest graded, and therefore highest skilled, Day Bakery team 9 are female.
  • Our night workers attract a premium shift allowance but only 3 of our 31 night workers are female.
  • Since these figures were calculated our senior management team has expanded and now has 3 females and 4 males as opposed to last April when it consisted of 1 female and 4 male employees.

As ever we are committed to recruiting and retaining the best and highest skilled people, in fact last September we recruited our first apprentices for a number of years both of whom happened to be female.

Nicholas Bird
Managing Director
29th March 2018.

Pay and Bonus Information

  Difference between men and women
  Mean Median
Hourly Pay Gap 24.04% 12.89%
Bonus Pay Gap 58.40% 49.00%

Proportion of staff receiving a bonus

Male 64.12%
Female 66.13%

Proportion of males & females in each quartile

  Male Female
Quartile 1 30.81% 69.19%
Quartile 2 19.88% 80.12%
Quartile 3 18.71% 81.29%
Quartile 4 6.98% 93.02%

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