A treat for your sweet: gifts for chocolate lovers

8 February 2024
A treat for your sweet: gifts for chocolate lovers

We all get that warm fuzzy feeling when giving and receiving gifts, whether it’s for a birthday, a special occasion such as Valentine’s Day or an anniversary or just to brighten a friend’s day. Whatever the occasion, chocolate gifts are a timeless and delicious option to show how much you care.


Our chocolatiers at Birds are basically wizards when it comes to whipping up unique shapes and flavours with our top-notch Belgian chocolate, creating truly dreamy gifts for chocolate lovers. Who really needs an excuse to pick up a treat on their way past one of our stores? You can probably come up with a reason to gift someone a sweet surprise without even trying.


Boost your mood


Enjoying the sweet taste of chocolate isn't just about satisfying our taste buds; there's some real science behind its mood-boosting magic. Just a small piece of chocolate can stimulate the release of serotonin, otherwise known as the feel-good hormone; along with endorphins, our body’s natural stress-relievers and the chemical that give us that post-chocolate bliss.


Add to that the joy of gifting someone you care about something you know they'll love is the perfect recipe for an all-round better mood, which is enough to convince us to go and pick up some chocolate from a Birds store immediately.


Which to pick


Choosing chocolate gifts isn’t as simple as just picking something off the shelf. You want it to be personal, thoughtful and show that you do listen to your loved one’s preferences! When it comes to creating the ideal present, every step counts – from choosing the flavour combinations, whether it's rich Belgian milk chocolate, smooth white, or more unique pink strawberry chocolate, there are lots of options to think about!


Here at Birds, our customers are spoilt for choice when it comes to chocolate treats and we understand that it’s all about making every chocolate moment special and tailored to your taste.


All time favourites


As East Midlands’ favourite bakery (if we do say so ourselves), plenty of memories have been created with our products through the generations. People even still travel from afar for that nostalgia of walking into our warm bakeries. Our iconic chocolate mice have been handmade by our chocolatiers for over 30 years and are still a generational favourite with some customers remembering days of visiting our shops with their grandparents and great grandparents.


Another favourite amongst chocolate lovers are our chocolate-dipped Florentine biscuits that have taken the spotlight for years. A perfect blend of crunchy yet gooey, they contain nuts, succulent cherries and sweet honey, all expertly hand-coated in a decadent layer of melted chocolate. It's a treat that has become a Birds classic, winning over taste buds and creating delightful moments since its debut.


Personalise for a party


With all that said, picking up a treat doesn’t have to be the only way you can surprise those close to you. We all know how much time and effort goes into organising a birthday, wedding or even a baby shower - that’s where Birds come in! We recently decided to launch a ‘Celebrate with Birds’ range of chocolate party favours which makes ordering those favours easy peasy.

Whether you’re a newlywed, a parent-to-be or welcoming a new age, it’s nice to be able to hand out personalised sweet gift sets to guests. From choosing the flavour of chocolate used, which shapes – from building blocks to bears – and even down to ribbons and bespoke stickers, every celebration can be truly specific to you with personalised wedding, party or event chocolate favours from Birds.

Our chocolatiers are always eager to hear what event you might have coming up, or who you are looking to surprise through the sweet bundles they design – it’s how we get to know our customer’s personalities.


Sweet and seasonal


We love to keep the celebrations going all year round which is why we create limited-edition seasonal ranges for occasions like Valentine’s Day, Easter and Christmas.


We just love ‘love’, which is why Valentine’s Day is one of our favourite times of the year. Why wouldn’t you want to pick up something sweet for your sweet? Word of warning - our Belgian chocolate frogs have no guarantee of turning into your Prince Charming.


Our team also creates seasonal versions of our well-known products such as spooky ghost lollies for Halloween and chocolate candy canes for Christmas - you might have seen them in our shops.


Our chocolatiers also like to show off their skills and why not, they are the experts! Last year we sized up by creating huge 1kg bunnies made entirely of golden chocolate, which will be hopping back again this year. Realistically, how much chocolate is too much? Please don’t answer that.

So no matter what the occasion, for an indulgent journey into a world of delectable chocolate gifts, we invite you to explore our collection of tempting chocolate gifts and treats. Whether you're seeking a heartwarming gift for a loved one, planning a special celebration, or simply craving a mood-boosting treat for yourself, our range of artisanal chocolates crafted with premium Belgian chocolate promises to delight every palate, and make for the perfect gifts for chocolate lovers.


Here at Birds, we pride ourselves on being a family-run business that puts our customers at the heart of everything we do. This extends not just to our baked goods and treats but by creating a cosy and welcoming environment for our customers in our many stores across the Midlands - just in case you can’t wait until you get home to tuck in!

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