Birds Bakery - Family Bakers, Butchers and Chocolatier in Derby

Locally sourced. Locally made. Loved by you.
Baker • Butcher • Chocolatier
A baker with freshly made bread

Made by hand since 1919

From our delectable doughnuts to our famous pork pies, everything from Birds is handmade by Birds with the freshest local ingredients.

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If you can’t come to us, our food can come to you. It’s just as delicious when it’s delivered.

A sketch of a Birds Bakery store that is also a box with a loaf of bread inside


Cakes, platters and rolls: sweet and savoury selections for every crowd.

A sketch of a birthday party on top of a cake stand

The shortest path possible

We’re Birds but we don’t like air miles. We bake with the best ingredients we can find, close to home.

Our producers

Ingredients that are local, fresh and full of flavour. We search high and loaf for them.

A sketch of cows and a farmer in a field

Our food

From scones to sausage rolls, our bakers know a good dough when they mix it.

A sketch of a scone, a roll and a sausage to create a smiley face
A bakery with fresh bread, cakes, brownies and scones

Everybody has a story to tell about Birds

Grandma Mabe would cross my palms with a few quid to go and get cream-filled ice buns for elevenses. I being the Labrador, could never make it home without snaffling buns on the way and rearranging the box, thinking Mabe had no idea. She knew what I was doing and only let on about 25 years later.
A sketch of Birds Bakery with a box of bread
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