Bird's Bakery's range of Pies are a symphony of craftsmanship and exquisite pastry goodness. Whether you're drawn to the hearty satisfaction of a Large Steak Pie or the classic indulgence of our Large Pork Pies or Sausage Rolls, there's a pastry delight for everyone.

Every pie and sausage roll is expertly made, from the flaky, golden crusts to the flavourful fillings. Explore the long history of our traditional Pork Pies, which highlight the skill of both our butchers and bakers in Derby.

Catering for a large flock?

Platters for gatherings

A sketch of a birthday party on top of a cake stand
Sandwich, sweet and savoury selections for get-togethers.

Gifts for weddings

A sketch of a wedding gift bag
Delicious hand-made gifts for the guests on your special day.

Corporate events

A sketch of cupcakes with brand logos on top
Fuel for working lunches to tasty bites for business receptions.
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