A Birds tale

The story of a family bakery
In 1919, three Derby brothers were back from the war and taking their first steps together in business. One was a baker, one was a butcher and one was a confectioner. When Reginald, Thomas and Frank opened their first shop on Upper Dale Road, they were agreed: everything they sold would be ‘fresh as a daisy’.

Our philosophy

Our recipes, our rules
Everything we make, we make from scratch. And many of our recipes have remained unchanged for generations. Which means we take as much pride in our work as we ever did.

Part of the community, part of local life.

Our history

The long and the shortbread of it
Everyone’s got a story about Birds, from lifetime employees and lemon tart devotees to our loyal suppliers and local charities.

Keeping it fresh, keeping it local.

Our producers

Local legends
We can’t make the best cakes, cobs and pies you’ve ever tasted without the freshest, most flavourful ingredients. That means from farms and businesses that we know and trust.

Meet the extended family.

Our people

Stir together, stay together
Our family goes far beyond the Birds. It’s all the people that have mixed our dough, topped our tarts or bagged up our buns.

Everybody has a story to tell about Birds

Grandma Mabe would cross my palms with a few quid to go and get cream-filled ice buns for elevenses. I being the Labrador, could never make it home without snaffling buns on the way and rearranging the box, thinking Mabe had no idea. She knew what I was doing and only let on about 25 years later.
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