Fresh as a daisy

That’s how the three founding Bird brothers wanted everything they made to reach the customer.
A sketch of three men stood next to a Birds Bakery vehicle
Over a century of great bakes
It may have a 1919 ring to it, but that’s still the promise we live and bake by. It’s still our aim to put a smile (and a few crumbs) on the face of everyone who eats our food.
A sketch of three baked treats
From our family to yours
Every day, every night, we put the same care, craftsmanship and fresh, local ingredients into our recipes that our founders did, so that our food reaches our shops as mouthwateringly soft, flaky or firm as the moment it left our oven.
Your first taste of a cream doughnut. A pork pie at a picnic. Or a family outing to Birds. So many of our customers and staff have a Birds story to tell.
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