Birds Bakery announces renaming of fan favourite with a miniature version in tow

22 February 2024
Birds Bakery announces renaming of fan favourite with a miniature version in tow

East Midlands’ favourite Birds Bakery has announced that it will be renaming its iconic cream puff, while also introducing a miniature version to its product range.

The renaming comes after decades of local debates over what the chocolate-covered, cream-filled treat should be known as and, after popular demand, the cream puff will now officially be known as an ‘Elephant’s Foot’.

Alongside the new name, a smaller version of this classic is being introduced today (Thursday 22nd June), aptly named a ‘Baby Elephant’s Foot’.

Lesley Bird, chief operating officer at Birds Bakery, said:

“The cream puff has been a signature product in our stores for years and has always been a favourite with our customers. We view our customers as an extended family and believe it’s important to take on board their feedback and suggestions. When we heard that most locals prefer to call our cream puff an ‘Elephant’s Foot’ we were inspired to change the name and lean into our Midlands roots.”

Commenting on the new ‘Baby Elephant’s Foot’, Lesley added:

“We’re a family-run business and like this to filter through to our product selection, so what better way to show this, and support the rename, than to introduce a miniature version of our classic cream cake. The new size is the perfect addition to any family picnic, especially in the warmer weather and we love that all generations enjoy our products so now there is a ‘foot’ for everyone.”

Both the original and new products will be available in all 61 stores across the East Midlands, priced at £1.55 for the larger and 95p for the smaller.

Many Birds products, including the ‘Elephant’s Foot’ can also be ordered via Just Eat and Uber Eats.

To find your nearest Birds Bakery store, visit our stores page.

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