Party platter perfection: tips for a feast fit for any occasion

8 March 2024
Party platter perfection: tips for a feast fit for any occasion

Do a headcount

Before you get started, it’s important to know how many people you’re catering for. Even if your event is small, it’s worth drawing up a guest list (and chasing RSVPs) so you don’t end up with too much or too little food.

Once your guests have confirmed, you can estimate how many serving platters you’ll need. For example, our cream cake platter has 20 pieces, so 10 guests could enjoy two treats each with this irresistible sweet platter. It’s best to consider the time of day. At lunchtime your guests might be peckish and expecting a more substantial meal, but a morning or afternoon tea may just include a few jam tarts.


Check for dietary requirements

Food is front and centre of any get-together but for people who suffer from food allergies, intolerances or other restrictions -  it can be good to provide this information ahead of the event to reassure your guests that they will be catered for.

We recommend that you check for dietary requirements beforehand to help your guests feel welcome and comfortable. Particularly for corporate events, it’s important to include a list of ingredients next to foods that people may wish to avoid, and perhaps discreetly signpost them while they are there.

At Birds Bakery, our vegetarian dinner roll platter, made up of our popular mixed cheese filling, egg mayo and mature sliced cheese with freshly cut tomato is perfect for those who avoid meat. All of our party food & serving platters are labelled with allergens, which you can share with guests.


Offer a variety

Catering for a crowd means thinking about their preferences beyond dietary requirements. Some people prefer white bread, some people like wholemeal. Everyone has their favourite sandwich fillings, so it’s worth having a mix!

Instead of buying separate platters, which can get costly and confusing, a mixed serving platter gives you the variety without the hassle. Our popular sandwich platter includes all of the classics – tuna and cucumber, egg mayo, ham and tomato, and cheese and ham. Meanwhile, our premium sandwich platter includes chicken mayo and bacon, BLT and prawn mayo.


Get creative with your presentation

When entertaining guests, presentation is key. Our sandwiches arrive pre-cut into perfect quarters, so you can either display them on the sandwich platters they come on, or arrange them on your own boards and crockery for a more personal touch. You could also garnish them with a sprinkle of fresh herbs or sliced vegetables if you’re feeling extra fancy!

Finally, don’t forget your décor. If you’re planning a springtime event, a pretty table cloth and freshly cut flowers will provide a perfect backdrop to your party platter and tempt your guests over.


Ingredients matter

Whether you are ordering a platter or making it yourself, your guests will love the fact that all of our products are made using freshly-sourced and high-quality ingredients. Good-quality bread not only looks good, it also tastes delicious.

At Birds Bakery, we start baking and preparing our dough at 4am, and we work a night shift to bake our bread and doughnuts that need to prove for longer. We also source fresh, local and authentic ingredients - that’s really the icing on the cake.


Order in good time

If you have decided to order a platter to save time and energy, make sure that you order in good time and it’s best to collect on the day of the event, so that the platters are fresh.

At Birds, we need a minimum of 48 hours to bake, fill and package your platters. The best part is that they will be ready on your chosen day, so they will taste and look their best, and they will last for four hours without being refrigerated.


Don’t forget something sweet

Few people can resist a sweet treat, and a selection of  jam tarts, doughnuts, cream slices, cupcakes or doughnuts in one of our sweet platters are the perfect way to round off your event.


To see our full range of platters, click here.

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