Summertime at Birds: the perfect picnic

17 June 2024
Summertime at Birds: the perfect picnic

With the ever-changing weather, it is easy to wonder when you’ll be able to enjoy your first picnic. Typically, once you do get that all important date in, mother nature will have other ideas. However, if you’re lucky enough to catch the weekend sun, we can help plan your last-minute picnic plans.

The “pique nique” originated as an indoor activity in the early 17th century, where French nobility would get together for dinner parties, each contributing food and drink to the spread. Two centuries later, once the British heard about this different type of gathering, the “pique nique” was made al-fresco, evolving  into the quintessential picnic we know and love today.

With the likes of Wimbledon, the Euros and the Olympics all taking part this year, there is certainly more than one opportunity to pack up a wicker picnic basket and meet your friends, family, neighbours or even colleagues at the local park to join in the sporting fun.

To help you prepare, we’ve pulled together some picnic ideas, including our favourite items to pack in the perfect spread.

Super sandwiches

Sandwiches are an absolute staple when it comes to hosting a picnic, especially those overflowing with delicious fillings. Our bakery sandwiches, which are made fresh daily, are available on a huge bread selection, from multiseed batons to farmhouse loaves to chia, with something for everyone.

Those looking for a classic can tuck into our ham and cheese sandwich on our deliciously thick doorstop farmhouse bread, bacon and egg mayonnaise on a crusty multiseed baton or our mixed cheese and onion filling on a white roll. Sandwich-lovers who want something a little different also have a large selection including our cheese and beetroot sandwich or tuna and cucumber, both on chia seed bread.

For when the sun hides behind the clouds or for those after-school picnics, we also offer a range of classic toasties with either a ham and cheese or a cheese and tomato melting filling.

Partner any of these with a bag of crisps, crudités and dip or a mixed salad and your lunch is ready to be served.

Something sweet

A day out in the sun isn’t complete without something sweet to finish it off. Thanks to the abundance of sporting events that are happening this year, not only do you have the option to pack our classic cupcakes and pastries in your picnic basket but also our range.

We can help you get into the swing of things with our tennis-themed cupcakes and we are sure you’ll score some points with the help of our chocolate footballs, boots, gingerbread footballers and football-themed cupcakes. Or, if the Grand Prix is more your style, why not incorporate some of our racing car cupcakes to your spread?

Now the food is sorted and your guests are ready to relax in the sun or cheer on their favourite sports teams, we just have to wait for the brighter days and higher temperatures and summer can officially begin.

Learn more about Birds Bakery’s picnic products.

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