Everyone has a story to tell

Your first taste of a cream doughnut. A pork pie at a picnic. Or a family outing to Birds back in the day. So many of our customers and staff have a Birds story to tell, we thought we’d share some of them here.

  • Grandma Mabe would cross my palms with a few quid to go and get cream-filled ice buns for elevenses. I, being the Labrador, could never make it home without snaffling buns on the way and rearranging the box, thinking Mabe had no idea. She knew what I was doing and only let on about 25 years later. Ben
  • Their iced buns need an ‘Iced buns-anonymous’ helpline setting up, as they are that bloody addictive. Anon
  • Bird’s Bloomer should be knighted for its services to doorstop bacon sarnies. Kate
  • I was head postmaster secretary in Derby, and a Birds shop was opposite. There was always a queue, and the cakes and savouries were delightful! I would pop into the shop twice a day. We loved their Apricot Creams and Apple Creams, which were individual short-crust pastry shells filled with fruit and piped with fresh cream. However, our real addiction was their Scotch Eggs, which were sold in halves and glazed over. We had no money but always found cash for stuff from Birds! Anne
  • Every Saturday morning was a visit to Bird's in Beeston, Nottingham with my dearest Grandma Harper. Ques were long, but the little shop with the huge window on Beeston High Road was always packed with beautiful displays and there were lovely smells coming from inside. The ladies wore lovely uniforms and little white caps. Grandma Harper would order a Farmhouse Loaf; a quarter of roast tongue, family pork pie. She would then order elephants feet; fresh cream meringues; apricot and blackcurrant tarts; chocolate batons; frangipane tarts, which would take 3 boxes all wrapped up lovely with a ribbon! What a treat! I queued with her in Bird's for years and have many fond memories of that time. We live in Norfolk now, but so very glad Bird's have opened an online shop for the likes of us. We love you Bird's!!!! Lyn
  • A visit to my grandparents must always involve Florentines and pork pies. Should I arrive on their doorstep with neither I’m afraid they may turn me away! Chloe
  • Afterschool treats were a non-negotiable affair – Birds chocolate mice were the currency of joy, and anything less was not accepted by my little ones. My parents took me to Birds, and I am pleased to pass this tradition down to my children, and hopefully their children, a delicious inheritance. Our family moments and gatherings always include Birds. We love the craftsmanship of the bakers, but the true delight is the togetherness their bakes create. Birds isn’t just our favourite bakery; it’s the keeper of our family’s laughter, stories, and joy. Lucy
  • The best loaves of bread; golden and crunchy on the outside and soft in the middle and still warm! Mum and I would sometimes pop into the cafe at the back of the shop for tea and cake after school! (A real treat when Dad was away!) Always very busy, needing to time your visit perfectly not to be salivating too much in the wait! We have never experienced another bakers quite like it! Happy days and memories. Kate
  • Elephant’s feet were for those appreciating a full coverage of the plate! When heading to grandparents we would take chocolate eclairs and the pink diamond shaped fancies iced and with marzipan, that were so beautiful and fragrant with jelly gems on top! Anon
  • Years ago, my old boss recommended Birds Bakery on the first day of moving to Derbyshire. He wouldn’t buy his bread anywhere else and said they made the best Christmas puddings! Their ham and pork pies are good quality. You can tell they are good quality meat, not full of water and freshly made. Petra
  • A cake from Birds was such a treat as a kid. I moved to the Isle of Wight, but my family are still in the Midlands, so as I’m visiting at least 4 times a year I still get a ‘fix’ (chocolate éclair or bun). When I got married on the island in 1989, my Mum brought down our wedding cake she got in Birds. As most of the guests were Midlander's and Birds customers, the cake nearly stole the show! Christine
  • In the 1950s, we had weekly trips to visit my Derby based grandparents. Our five o’clock tea was always ham salad with egg and cucumber sprinkled with mint from the backyard. The highlight then was a Birds individual trifle. In those pre plastic days this delightful delicacy with its swirly cream and green topping was served in a waxed paper container folded concertina style. How I loved those trifles and then stretching out the paper tub to lick out the last delicious morsels from the creases. Jan
  • 41 years ago I left school and got a YTS place at Bewise in the town centre, we earned £25 a week, if I was lucky enough to get early lunch, my friend and I would walk up to birds and get two single rolls and just enough liver pate to go inside for 40p, it sold out very quickly, it still makes me smile thinking about this today. Deborah
  • My wife and I are originally from Derby but now live on the South Coast. The one thing I really miss, is Birds unbelievably tasty Pork Pies. This last week my wife had to back to Derby to help her daughter look after one of the Grandchildren who had to have surgery. On my wife’s return, she surprised me with two delicious Birds Pork Pies for Valentines Day. I couldn't have asked for a better Valentine’s gift and I’m 83yrs old. Anon
  • When I was young mum always took us to Birds for cakes and pork pies every week, and when I started work it was your dinner roll filled with ham and pineapple for lunch on a Friday. Then I got married and moved away around the country with my husbands job but when we came back to Derby on visits we always came to Birds. Now we are settled in Lincolnshire we make 4 journeys a year back to Derby to fill up on pies, bread, rolls and cakes, please don't ever close, I have tried offers but nothing comes near to Birds. Ann
  • I grew up in Stapleford which thankfully has a Birds bakery. As a family we were big fans of Birds sausages, sausage rolls and Elephants feet as a weekend treat. In fact my mum had a regular order every Saturday until she was into her late eighties and wasn't able to get around on her own. Unfortunately I moved away to Kent (a non Birds area sadly) many years ago but I still pick up some Birds goodies whenever I'm back in Notts. Keep up the good work! Alun
  • A weekly treat for me was a trip to Birds on the bus with my parents. The delicious smell on entering the shop was wonderful and not to be forgotten. Cakes a plenty with a taste like none other, breads, pies - ample choice and always baked to perfection. Birds mince pies and pork pies were a must at Christmas. When my family came along, I took our daughter to our local Coalville Birds. She used to stand on the shelf at the front of the cake display, money in hand, to choose her favourite cake, much to the delight of the shop staff. Now an adult she too regularly shops there and so the tradition is handed down the generations. Birds truly is a 'family' Bakery to be enjoyed by all generations. Susan
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