Our producers

How we keep on keeping it fresh
Two local producers on a farm

Key ingredients from not-so-far and wide.

A sketch showing where each key ingredient is produced



Kings of the mill
We use seven different flours for different recipes, all supplied by Bradshaws in Driffield, Yorkshire, who have been milling on the same site for over 125 years. All our flours are milled to our own exact specifications.
A sketch of a building with bags of flour infront of it
Driffield, Yorkshire



Don’t vary the dairy
Milk is a staple ingredient in products such as our milk custards, a Birds classic. All our milk comes from a dairy just six miles away, in Duffield, in Derbyshire’s Amber Valley.
A sketch of bottles of milk
Duffield, Derbyshire



All Wells and good
No one does cream like Birds. Just over the border in Staffordshire is Wells Farm Dairy, which supplies all the cream that fills our cream doughnuts, cream slices and fruit creams – fresh products now almost unique to our bakery.
A sketch of a farmer and cows in a field
Bradley, Staffordshire
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