A fresh Birds chapter: our rebrand journey

18 January 2024
A fresh Birds chapter: our rebrand journey

As we step into the promising embrace of a new year, we are thrilled to unveil a transformative chapter in our story – a fresh rebrand that reflects the heart and soul of our family-run bakery. This isn't just a change in appearance; it's a celebration of tradition, innovation, and our unwavering commitment to delivering excellence, a commitment that has defined Birds since 1919.


In the spirit of continuity and evolution, we found inspiration in blending our rich heritage with a forward-looking vision. Our rebrand is a canvas that paints the picture of the craft and care invested in every product we offer. It's about creating an environment, both physical and digital, that resonates deeply with our cherished customer base.


The choice of a vibrant spring green is more than a visual delight; it's a manifestation of our 'Fresh as a Daisy' ethos, a pledge to bake fresh every day and deliver top-quality, delectable treats. This lively hue, a nod to the past, revives a colour that once adorned our very first stores, creating a meaningful bridge between our origins and the present.


At the heart of our rebrand are our customers and our cherished heritage. The shift in colours is a testament to our dedication to freshness and high-quality ingredients, echoing the ethos that has been the backbone of our business since its establishment in 1919.


As some of our Leicestershire customers will have seen, our journey into the new era has already begun at our Ashby store on Market Street. This new location not only showcases our exciting rebrand but also introduces new ways for customers to enjoy their in-store experience with us. With a cosy seating area, we invite customers to immerse themselves in the joy of their favourite Birds treats, or just pop in for a takeaway!


This Ashby store is just the beginning; we're gearing up for a gradual rollout of our new look across all 61 Birds Bakery locations. Each store, while retaining its unique charm, will be unified under our new identity. The next stop on our transformation journey will be the Park Farm location in Derby. 


Our digital presence has also had a makeover, not just to keep up with the times but to offer our customers an immersive online experience reflecting the warmth of their in-store visits. The Birds website has evolved into a community hub, providing an opportunity for customers to purchase our signature products while also sharing their stories in "Birds Tales," fostering a sense of community and connection.


As we unveil this new chapter, we want to express our heartfelt thanks for being part of the Birds family. Just like the vibrant spring green, our commitment to being 'Fresh as a Daisy' every day remains and we look forward to continuing this journey together.

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